Crack Filling

The first and perhaps the most common pavement distress you will find on an asphalt pavement is cracks. There are various kinds of cracks, which is why you need to get your surface inspected by a professional to determine the most apt repair method.

Crack filling is a permanent solution for dealing with bigger cracks. Crack filling involves pouring an asphalt emulsion into cracks to bind their edges together so no moisture or debris can enter into the cavity and cause more damage. Crack filling is essentially done on non-working cracks that are deep and wider than ¾ of an inch.

Crack Filling Madison WI
Crack Filling Madison WI

Pickett’s Paving LLC offers expert crack filling solutions at affordable rates so you can get timely crack repair. The longer you leave the cracks untreated, the worse the damage will get, so act fast because what are a few cracks now can soon turn into a pothole. Our seasoned professionals have the right tools and equipment to provide you with quick and effective crack filling that will restore the robustness of your pavement.

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