Snow Plowing

We are a professional snow plowing company dedicated to keeping your property safe and accessible during the winter months. Our team of experienced plow operators and salters use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure that your driveway, parking lot, or sidewalks are cleared of snow and ice, so you can get back to your daily routine without any interruptions. We take pride in providing reliable, efficient, and affordable snow plowing services to residential and commercial customers in the Midwest.

  1. Assessment: Before snow plowing can begin, the area to be plowed needs to be assessed. This includes identifying any potential hazards, such as curbs, fire hydrants, or obstacles that could be hidden under the snow.
  2. Preparation: Once the assessment is complete, the snow plowing equipment needs to be prepared. This includes attaching plow blades to the trucks or snow blowers, ensuring that all equipment is in good working order, and having backup equipment available in case of breakdowns.
  3. Snow Plowing: When snow plowing begins, the goal is to clear as much snow as possible while avoiding any obstacles or hazards. Snow plowing may involve pushing snow to the side of the road or parking lot, or using a snow blower to blow snow into a designated area.
  4. Salting: After the snow has been plowed, the next step is to apply salt to the surface to help melt any remaining ice and prevent new ice from forming. Salt can be applied manually or with a spreader attached to a truck.
  5. Cleanup: Once the snow has been plowed and salt has been applied, the area needs to be cleaned up. This includes removing any excess snow or ice, and ensuring that the area is safe for pedestrians and vehicles.

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