Winter Sending Chills To Your Asphalt Pavement – Start Protecting!

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November 17, 2022 at 2:15 PM

Winter Sending Chills To Your Asphalt Pavement – Start Protecting!

Key Takeaways

  1. Winter can cause damage to your asphalt pavement.
  2. Temperature changes result in cracks and other issues.
  3. Alligator cracks, depression, potholes, and raveling are all common signs that your pavement needs attention.
  4. You can protect your asphalt by using deicing products, seal coat, and keeping it clean.
  5. Get a professional to ensure pavement protection.

Now that fall is in full swing, homeowners and business owners are preparing their properties for the cold winter. Winter can be tough on property owners, as they have to consider the lower temperatures, increased precipitation, and gusty winds.

As we experience colder temperatures and winter weather conditions, it is essential to consider the impact it can have on our asphalt pavement. Winter can cause chills to your asphalt pavement, leading to cracking, potholes, and other damage. Pickett’s Paving LLC will discuss the signs to consider and how to protect your asphalt pavement from cold weather conditions.

Chilly Winters and Asphalt Pavement

Whether you own a driveway or parking lot, the winter weather can significantly impact the condition of your asphalt pavement. The low temperatures can cause the asphalt to contract and crack. At the same time, the high amounts of precipitation can lead to potholing and other damage.

Although asphalt is a durable material, constant freeze-thaw cycles that come with varying temperatures can deteriorate the pavement.

As water freezes after its seeps into cracks of asphalt, it expands and causes the cracks to grow. As more water enters the cracks and freezes, the damage spreads. Eventually, this can lead to potholes and large chunks of asphalt breaking away.

If the problem isn’t treated, it could result in hazard formation, which would be dangerous for drivers and pedestrians. According to a report, yearly potholes result in $3 billion in damages in the US alone.

Common Signs that Tell You Need Asphalt Paving Before Winter

There are a few key things you should look out for that indicate it might be time to get your asphalt pavement resurfaced or replaced.

1. Alligator Cracking

This cracking looks like a series of interconnected squares or polygons. It’s also sometimes called crocodile, chicken wire, or map cracking.

2. Depressions and Sinkholes

Sinkholes and depressions are usually the results of water infiltration and erosion beneath the asphalt.

3. Edge Deterioration

The edges of your asphalt pavement are particularly vulnerable to damage. Weather, traffic, or poorly placed sprinklers are some of its causes.

4. Grass Growing Through the Pavement

While a bit of greenery in your asphalt pavement might not seem like a big deal, it’s a sign of serious underlying problems.

5. Potholes

Potholes are one of the most common and apparent signs that your asphalt pavement needs repair. Water infiltration and freeze/thaw cycles are the leading cause of it.

6. Raveling

Raveling is the result of pavement surface deterioration. The aggregate (rocks) that make up the asphalt starts to loosen and fall out.

7. Rutting

Rutting is a type of asphalt deterioration that’s caused by vehicle traffic. It occurs when the weight of vehicles presses down on the pavement, causing it to compress and form ruts.

8. Snow and Ice Damage

Snow and ice can damage asphalt pavement in a few different ways. First, the freeze/thaw cycle can cause cracks to form in the pavement. Second, plowing and shoveling can damage the surface of the asphalt. And finally, the use of salt and other chemicals to melt ice can also damage the pavement.

9. Surface Flushing

When water seeps into pavement and freezes, it leads to a type of asphalt deterioration called surface flushing. It can cause the surface of the asphalt to break down and form cracks.

10. Weathered Surface Texture

The surface of asphalt pavement can become weathered and worn over time. It can happen for various reasons, including exposure to sunlight, wind, and rain.

Winter Sending Chills To Your Asphalt Pavement – Start Protecting!

Ways to Protect Your Asphalt Pavement in Winter

It can be a hassle to deal with the damage that winter weather can cause to your asphalt pavement. But there are a few things to do to protect it.

1. Seal coat

Seal coating is among the best ways to protect your asphalt pavement. It will create a barrier between the asphalt and the elements, keeping water and chemicals away from seeping in and causing damage.

Other than that, seal coating will protect the asphalt surface from deterioration from oxidation. It will increase the durability of asphalt not only during the winter but all year round.

2. Plowing Snow and Ice Promptly

If you reside in Wisconsin, you know that winters can be brutal. But no matter where you live, it’s essential to plow snow and ice off your asphalt pavement as soon as possible.

Not only does this prevent the snow and ice from seeping into cracks and causing further damage, but it also prevents accidents. No one wants to fall on cold hard ground.

3. Asphalt Repaving

Another way to protect your asphalt pavement is to have it repaved every few years. It will ensure that any cracks or holes are filled in and that the surface is smooth. Asphalt paving will help keep the ground level and prevent pooling during the winter.

4. Use Deicing Products

If you live in an area where it snows often, you may want to consider using deicing products on your asphalt pavement. These products will help melt the snow and ice on contact, making it easier to remove. However, use them sparingly, as deicers can lead to asphalt damage, as well as affect the surrounding soil with brine deposits.

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In conclusion, there are several ways to protect your asphalt pavement during winter. By following these tips, you can ensure that your pavement lasts many years.

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