What Makes A Parking Lot ADA Compliant And How Does It Impact Your Business?

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January 25, 2022 at 6:26 PM


Many property owners don’t think about ADA compliance until there’s a problem. And you’re not alone in this! Many business owners forget to inspect their property for potential ADA violations. And when the situation arises, it’s often too late.

Inspecting your parking lot for ADA compliance on a regular basis can help you avoid costly fines and lawsuits.

This blog post by Pickett’s Paving LLC discusses the importance of ADA compliance and provides some tips to help you get started at your parking lot in Madison, WI.

If you’re not sure what ADA Compliance is, let’s quickly go through it first!

In the year 1990, the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) was enacted to ensure the rights of people with disabilities to have proper access to public spaces like other people. You can face lawsuits if you don’t pay attention to ADA Compliance. For parking lots, ADA Compliance is necessary, and to avoid lawsuits, you must consider making parking lot compliant before it’s too late and you are charged with hefty fines.

Following are the three most important guidelines provided by ADA for parking lots:

1. Accessible parking

According to ADA regulations, the total capacity of a parking lot should be matched with the number of accessible spots. Each spot needs to be 8 feet wide.

  • If the total parking spots are 500 or less, there must be 25 accessibility spots.
  • If the total parking spots are between 501 and 1000, there must be 2% accessibility spots.
  • If the total parking spots are over 1000, there must be 20 accessibility spots for every 100 regular parking spots.

2. Van-accessible

According to ADA, 1 out of every six accessible parking spaces needs to be van-accessible. This is important for people that use wheelchairs and walkers.

The total capacity is 400, 8 accessibility spots and two van-accessible spaces are mandatory.

3. Access aisles

Aisle width depends on your van-accessible parking space. If your parking space is 11 feet wide, your access aisles need to be 5 feet. Similarly, if it’s 8 feet wide, then your aisle needs to be 8 feet wide as well.

One access aisle is allowed to be shared by two spaces if it’s wide enough – it should be able to accommodate a wheelchair lift.

There are many more guidelines for parking lots. To avoid missing any essential ADA guidelines, hire a professional paving contractor for your parking lot paving and ensure compliance with ADA regulations.

Pickett’s Paving LLC offers expert parking lot construction and maintenance solutions in Madison, WI, with the guarantee of full ADA compliance. Contact us on our website to know about our personalized asphalt paving solutions, or get a free quote now!

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