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Speed Bumps

The most effective way to control the speed of vehicle traffic, while ensuring the safety of pedestrians is with the installation of speed bumps.

Speed bumps (or speed breakers) are the common name for a family of traffic calming devices that use vertical deflection to slow motor-vehicle traffic in order to improve safety conditions. Variations include the speed hump, speed cushion, and speed table. Traditionally most vertical deflection devices have been constructed of asphalt or concrete. Due to the rigidity and durability of these materials, they have more permanence and are more effective at slowing traffic.

Poorly-designed speed bumps that stand too tall or with too-sharp an angle (often found in private car parks) can be disruptive for drivers, and may be difficult to navigate for vehicles with low ground clearance, even at very low speeds. Let our skilled professionals at Pickett’s Paving install top quality and safe speed bumps that will withstand everyday traffic from even the heaviest of trucks.

Speed Bumps
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