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How the asphalt gets to our roads

How the asphalt gets to our roads

The asphalt we use today to line our streets and avenues is produced from a substance called bitumen. Bitumen has been used for a long time and has been used for centuries to contain leaks in water tanks and to pave roads. It used to be made with tar...

Look Professional With Striping

Competition for business owners is stiff. It is therefore crucial to maintain a professional image. Adequate maintenance and an immaculate appearance on the interior as well as exterior of your building are essential elements. Here are three good reasons...

Repairs to Seasonal Asphalt Damage

Different Patching Methods Winter weather is tough on asphalt and often leads to various types of damage. Potholes and cracks are common unavoidable problems that can be repaired in a variety of ways. 1. Cold patch is very accessible and simple to install....

Hot Asphalt Mix

Understanding Hot Mix Asphalt A driveway of hot mix asphalt consists of an engineered combination of sand, stones and a petroleum material of liquid asphalt cement. Variable sizes of pebbles and sand mixture, or aggregate, get heated and then blended in...

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