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Our company’s name is Pickett’s Paving. We offer very affordable, professional asphalt seal coating services. Step by step, this is what we do at Pickett’s Paving. First, our team will clean the driveway in order to prepare for asphalt seal coating. We have an A-grade asphalt seal coating kingdom commercial great asphalt seal coating that comes with a non-slip sealer that our team will apply to the surface.

Paving Crack Sealing Madison WI
Paving Crack Sealing Madison WI
Paving Crack Sealing Madison WI
Asphalt Sealcoating Madison WI

Then workers must apply the asphalt seal coat in real-time. They must be sure to pull up the holes and raid up the driveway. Then they will start up the asphalt seal coating process. Asphalt seal coating usually takes anywhere between twenty and thirty minutes at best.

Workers will start the main trim work first, and then begin working their way up the driveway. They will start the proper application by waiting on the seal coating system to prime. Then they will hear the popping gage. When they hear the popping gage, workers will know the pressure noise of the gun.

The trim work will take anywhere between seven and eight minutes. This way our workers will be able to get right down to the edge without using a board and get a super clean edging finish without spraying all of the grass.

Our team will always be careful to skip the tip over the ankle so that they do not get any spray on themselves. It is best to have the gun tipped on a slight angel. Next, our team will start the engine and allow it to idle. When walking we will always go around our fan pattering.

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Asphalt Sealcoating Madison WI

This way we will be getting an even spread of the seal coating. Our workers will have to overlap their thin paint spray so that it will be like putting two layers of asphalt seal coating on. We will always make sure to go over the spray in an even pattern back an forth just like you would mow the grass on your lawn.

It is important to always overlap halfway. The sealer that we use is an A-grade concealer, which is used in airports all over the United States and Canada. When finished with the job, our team will always make sure to let the customer know when we have completed the task.

This is the type of job that we do use asphalt seal coating at Pickett’s Paving. Our team provides great quality service and gets the job done at a fast pace. This method tends to keep our customers very satisfied and you will want to come back to our business for other services.

The initial step is to always talk with our customers. This is a good way to build trust with our customers and keep them happy.

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