6 Benefits Of Applying Chip Seal To Your Pavement

6 Benefits Of Applying Chip Seal To Your Pavement

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September 16, 2021 at 3:42 PM

6 Benefits Of Applying Chip Seal To Your Pavement

Chip seals are a cost-effective way to extend the life of your asphalt pavement. You may be wondering, “What is a chip seal?” Chip seal is an asphalt maintenance technique that applies hot tar and stone chips to existing asphalt paving. This process improves traction, extends the life of the pavement, and helps control dust generated by traffic wear.

Chip seals create a sealant layer on top of your asphalt, which protects it from the elements. This sealant protects against water penetration, weed growth, cracking, UV rays damage, and overall wear and tear.

By applying chip seals, you can expect to see these benefits:

1. Increased Skid Resistance

One of the main benefits of chip sealing your pavement is increased skid resistance, which in turn reduces accidents. A chip seal helps reduce how much a vehicle can slide on a wet road surface when it stops suddenly. This will help decrease traffic fatalities and injuries that occur each year from cars sliding off roads.

2. Less Resurfacing Required

If chip sealing your pavement is done at the correct time, it will result in less future resurfacing work required. The chip seal effectively fills small cracks and potholes that are already present on the road surface. This means you will not have to pay for a long-term maintenance contract or repave your asphalt when these tiny problems start becoming larger ones.

3. Reduces Sound Levels by up to 50%

Another significant benefit of chip sealing your pavement is that it has been proven to reduce sound levels by up to 50%. Asphalt surfaces, especially those with small cracks and potholes in them, not only generate more noise than chip-sealed ones but also increase the risk of a vehicle losing control on an uneven road.

4. Prevention of Water Penetration

One of the most significant benefits chip sealing is that it prevents water penetration into your asphalt. The chip seal protects against surface water and allows proper drainage, reducing potholes and maintaining a smooth ride for drivers.

5. Take Advantage of an Anti-Glare Surface

One of chip seal’s most significant benefits is the anti-glare surface that it creates. When chip sealed, your asphalt becomes more reflective and helps to reduce glare off pavement surfaces during bright or sunny days. This reduces the strain on drivers’ eyes when behind the wheel for long periods.

6. Cheaper than Pavement Overlays

Another one of chip sealing’s benefits is that it is much cheaper than an asphalt overlay. Because chip seals are less expensive, they are becoming increasingly popular among many cities and states across America. Chip seals can extend pavement life by as much as 12 years and save money in the long term.

So, if you are looking for cost-effective paving solutions without sacrificing quality, chip sealing may be what you need. To learn more about how Pickett’s Paving LLC can help with all your paving needs in Bradenton, FL, contact us today for a free quote for our asphalt paving and chip seal services.

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