5 Types Of Pavement Damages You Think Are Minimal But Are Not!

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September 27, 2021 at 4:39 PM

5 Types Of Pavement Damages You Think Are Minimal But Are Not!

As pavement deteriorates, it can start to break down and stop performing its job. This means that pavement damages must be taken seriously for safety reasons. You may think that certain types of pavement damage are not very serious because the damage looks minimal on the surface – but they are pretty dangerous and need to be addressed ASAP!

This blog post will outline five types of pavement damage that you might think are minimal but are not.

1. Potholes

Potholes are pavement damages that can cause slips and falls and even damage vehicles. They form after water gets into cracks in the pavement. Potholes also occur due to non-uniform wearing down of road surfaces over time.

Potholes cause a lot of stress on cars because they affect the way the tires roll over them, and this causes uneven wear on the treads. If you drive too quickly, then there is a chance that one or more wheels will come out of alignment, leading to a blown tire or worse.

2. Broken Pavement

Broken pavement is another type of pavement damage caused by weather conditions or wear and tear. It occurs when the top layer of pavement breaks loose from the base pavement. It creates a bumpy ride for cars, but it is hazardous because some pieces might become dislodged and fall away, which could lead to vehicle damages.

3. Raveling

Raveling is when pieces of pavement begin to separate along the edge of the surface. This damage is unsightly, but it can be dangerous because water collects in these gaps and creates potholes that are hazardous for drivers. Raveling can also be caused due to the pavement being installed improperly, which needs to be addressed ASAP before the damage worsens.

4. Sunken Pavement Areas

If the pavement is not properly maintained, it can lose its ability to support vehicles, and this causes parts of the pavement to sink. Sunken pavement areas allow water into the pavement structure. Sunken pavement areas are typically caused by the pavement being subjected to heavy loads for long periods of time.

5. Slippage

Slippage is pavement damage that occurs when there is too much weight on one area of pavement. This pressure causes the pavement to break apart and lose integrity, leading to more significant problems, including potholes or dangerous driving conditions.

The best way to prevent slippage from happening on your asphalt surface is by making sure you have adequate pavement thickness. Many roads are built with thin pavement that cannot withstand heavy traffic. This is why slippage happens so often in areas where it is not supposed to.

The types of damage caused by severe weather, improper use, or neglect are many. It is essential to know the signs and act accordingly for your property. If you are experiencing any of these five common pavement damages on your driveway, parking lot, walkway, or other paved surfaces in North Port, FL, get in touch with Pickett’s Paving LLC today. We offer free estimates and would love to help restore your paving surface to its original condition with our premium asphalt pavingcrack filling, and sealcoating services!

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