4 Reasons To Prefer Recycled Asphalt Over Gravel

4 Reasons To Prefer Recycled Asphalt Over Gravel

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October 5, 2021 at 6:58 PM

4 Reasons To Prefer Recycled Asphalt Over Gravel

We’re producing more and more garbage, which fills up the landfills that will eventually need to be closed down due to having reached capacity. This means that we need to act responsibly and sustainably. Are you looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint while also preserving the environment? There’s no better option than recycled asphalt for those who want to make a difference in their community!

The debate of gravel vs. asphalt has been ongoing for decades, and with good reason! Gravel is less expensive than asphalt, but it doesn’t provide the same durability or longevity as recycled asphalt. Asphalt also provides a more aesthetically pleasing appearance than gravel.

If you’re looking to invest in your home by upgrading your driveway with something functional and long-lasting, then consider using recycled asphalt instead of gravel! You can also ask a professional paving company like Pickett’s Paving LLC for their opinion.

Read on to learn why it may just be worth opting for recycled asphalt over gravel for paving projects at home or around the neighborhood.

1) Recycled Asphalt is Environmentally Friendly

Recycled asphalt is composed of what would otherwise be considered waste material. The recycling process reduces the amount of waste in landfills by re-utilizing this material for all kinds of practical purposes, including paving roads and driveways!

When you use recycled asphalt to pave your driveway at home, you’re contributing to a cleaner planet. The naturally occurring materials used in producing recycled asphalt are processed without emitting toxic substances into the atmosphere or water supply.

2) Recycled Asphalt is Weather Resistant

When asphalt is used for road construction, it must be flexible enough to withstand the weather conditions throughout a typical year. The superior wear-resistance of recycled asphalt gives your home’s driveway extra durability and longevity. The durable nature of recycled asphalt means your pavement can bear the impact of rainfall, snow, and intense heat.

3) Lower Costs

Recycled asphalt consists of crushed asphalt millings, scrap pieces of asphalt pavement removed from sidewalks, roads, and other areas. Contractors process these scraps into finer materials to create the recycled asphalt used in driveways.

4) Fewer Weeds to Deal With

Lack of organic material in recycled asphalt means it is less likely to harbor weeds and other plant life. This makes it easier to maintain the pavement and helps you avoid repetitive repair costs.

This process extends the life of your driveway while also lowering its cost by about 30 percent compared with traditional paving solutions!

Recycled asphalt is an affordable solution for all homeowners who want a high-quality surface on their property without having to break the bank or sacrifice quality.

Pickett’s Paving LLC is a Madison, WI based paving contractor dedicated to providing customers with quality asphalt surfaces and repairs. We use the latest eco-friendly methods to ensure your pavement is up and ready for the challenges that lie ahead. Get a free quote and enjoy expert-quality asphalt solutions.

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